Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our week in pictures :)

Two Sundays ago, the hubs left for one of the longest road trips of the season.  I'm happy to say that this twelve day road trip is almost over!  Since it was one of the longer ones, I decided to head down to my parents house for a break from city living.  Time to relax (wait, what does that word mean?) and spend some time in the country surrounded by family. 

We spent our days outside enjoying beautiful weather.  Playing with the water sprinkler, taking naps in the hammock (well Abby did anyways), and having adventures at new playgrounds. 

It's been fun, but I've also had some ups and downs these past few weeks.  More to come on that in another post, when I have more time to write.  I say it every baseball season, but we are so blessed to be this close to family.  They are my support system and much needed this year more than ever before. 

Our week recap... Abby napped in the hammock. 
Levi turned two months old! 
Abby played in the sprinkler with her cousins.  She practiced her modeling poses at Quiet Waters Park.  (she needs some work)  Abby had her first swim lesson and loved it!

 Levi is smiling all over himself these days.  Thankfully he is becoming less cranky and much more happy! :)

More to come soon, I promise....