Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New favorites :)

For those of you that know Abby, you are well aware that she is musically driven.  She absolutely loves music and stops dead in her tracks to dance to any tune she hears.  Music has always been her "thing" and so we enjoy dancing around, singing songs together, and having parades around the living room with her musical instruments.  But today, her Daddy took music to the next level.  Daddy bought Abby her first guitar.  Not just a baby toy guitar, a real, Abby sized guitar.

And of course, Abby loves it.  She dances around strumming and tapping her feet to the music.  It's definitely her new favorite toy and I don't see her putting it down anytime soon.  Maybe after all this practice she'll be the next Taylor Swift.  Who knows... but I sure hope music stays in her heart forever.

While Abby strummed away, Little Man started playing in his new toy too.  Levi is now strong enough to sit in his bumbo seat and he loves it!  He gets to explore the world in a whole new way and is definitely one happy baby sitting up.  Levi is not a fan of laying on his back, at all ... so I'm thrilled that he will play in this seat.  What a big boy! :)



Sue said...

A guitar for Abby sure is fitting, if there's anyone who loves music it's Abby for sure. Can't wait to be serenaded! Levi sure is getting big, can't wait for lots of hugs! See you all soon! xoxo

Lindsay said...

Love Levi's sideways grin! Can't wait to see him in person!