Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Keepin' Busy :)

It finally happened.  I'm not counting on it to happen every night, but tonight it happened.  I had both of the kids asleep by 8:20 ... and yes, I'm enjoying every second of it!  

We've been busy here in Baltimore and I must admit, I've been really bad about taking out the good camera to snap some blog worthy photos.  It's a lot easier these days to pull out the iPhone to capture memorable moments.  

I promise to break out the DSLR this week, but for now here's our week in photos!

 The tall ships made their way into the Harbor this weekend
for the "Star Spangled Sailabration."  Definitely a sight to see!
Abby takes a break from her frozen yogurt to act silly.
Levi and Mommy snuggle time.
 Family outing to Hooters, aren't we classy?
Levi tackles tummy time ... and rolls over.
Abby's outfit of choice ... Daddy's jersey :)

Abby and Mommy had a special date night to the baseball game.
Of course she spent more time flirting with the boys
than hangin' with her Mama, but she had fun!
I decided to let Abby try cotton candy for the first time ... and she didn't like it.

Feedings the ducks, which has become part of the nightly routine.
Abby and Aunt Heather cheese for the camera.
Cousins .... look closely, can you spot Levi?!

We've been keepin' busy for sure ...
now it's time for me to get some rest! :)


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