Monday, September 12, 2011

Llama Llama ....

Last Christmas Abby received a set of three "Llama Llama" stories from her Aunt Melinda and Uncle Chris. I'm sure you've heard of these books before ... they are the cute little stories that tell about the adventures of a llama. I knew Abby loved reading the books, but little did I know how much her fascination with llamas would grow over time.

Back in May, we decided it was time to take Abby to the Llama Barn near my parents house. She of course loved watching them but wasn't ready to get too close ... just yet. Since then we've been to the Llama Barn several times and with each visit, she becomes more and more obsessed.

This past week we visited the llamas again ... and again Abby watched them move all around the pasture, eat handfuls of grass, and make funny faces with their oversized teeth. There is just something about these animals that can capture her attention!

Taking it all in ...

Here Abby imitates the face of a llama.
She was attempting to show off her teeth...
and thankfully they look nothing like that poor llamas!


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