Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swimming - City Style

With hotter temperatures looming this past week, Abby and I have been missing our pool back home. Well I can't say for sure if Abby has been missing it but I sure have! In the city we don't really have much of a yard, but what we do have room for is a baby pool. And thanks to Maria (ReRe), we now have one that Abby absolutely loves.

After nap time, we suited up (yes I said we), and decided to give the ol' baby pool a try. What's not to love? Abby was entertained and I was getting some sun while playing with her. I strategically placed the pool where only a few neighbors would be able to spot me in my old two piece bathing suit ... and there we sat enjoying the cool water and pool toys.

By the end of our pool time, we were both in the pool splashing around and having fun with the camera. Not my idea ... Abby was quick to instruct me where to sit ... inside the pool. During these hot streaks, looks like y'all will know where to find us. Abby thanks you ReRe! :)



Carol said...

She calls her "Re-Re?" That's the cutest thing I've ever heard!!! I miss her. Looks like you are having fun. I've done this too, when we lived on fact, I think I was in the baby pool with no kid and a book one time. When it gets that hot, you just have to! LOL.

Amy said...

She looks so cute in her pool, I love it!