Friday, July 8, 2011

Atlanta - Part I

Last Thursday, Abby and I headed to Atlanta for our first "road trip" of the season. Road trip meaning, we flew to Atlanta where we met up with the hubs, since the O's were playing the Braves for interleague play. Our BFF's from Florida decided they would tackle a real road trip and drive to meet us there. Only the best of friends would drive eight hours with two younger children on board, a potty seat on hand and Dora the Explorer on repeat. But ... they did it and we are very gracious!

Thursday night was spent catching up; letting the girls play at the hotel, grabbing a bite to eat at a nearby mall, and snuggling in bed watching cartoons before bedtime.

We started Friday off with breakfast at The Flying Biscuit Cafe, a southern hotspot known for a variety of healthier breakfast options and of course their famous sugar topped biscuits. Since we were on vacation, I went the not so healthy route and indulged in eggs, bacon, sausage, and a biscuit. Quite yummy! Afterwards, Carol and I attempted a photo shoot with the girls since we had them in matching Matilda Jane dresses.

Camdyn was all about posing for the camera ...
here she is channeling her inner-model! :)

Cam & Abby ... so sweet!

This is the only worthwhile shot of all three kids.
Abby is smiling for the other camera, Chloe wants her shoes off,
and Cam is still modeling. :)

After breakfast, we returned to the hotel for some pool time. The Ritz had an indoor pool, which turned out to better than an outdoor pool. It kept us out of the sun and heat (people aren't kidding when they say HOTlanta) and we were the only ones there! Abby is still unsure of the water, at least when it's on a scale bigger than the bath tub. But this time, she enjoyed it a lot more!

After awhile we headed back up to our rooms for some nap time. Abby woke up, took control of the remote, and relaxed with me for a bit. Then dinner came and a trip to the ballpark ... more photos from that later!

It was a perfect first day. :)

Here Abby is using the remote to call Gramma ... aka "Aammmaaaww."



LeeAnn said...

It looks like you guys had such a great trip. That was awesome that you were able to meet up with Carol like that. Camdyn is too cute with all of her "modeling"...what a ham! And I love the dresses! There is some serious cuteness with those three in the pictures. I can't wait to see more. :-)

Carol said...

Your description of that photo of the 3 of them made me LOL! What a bunch of stinkers they all are!