Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July Traditions

The small hometown where I was raised has several traditions for each holiday. Halloween always involved trick-or-treating from house to house with a stop at the local country market for hot apple cider and candy apples. The Pie Run has always been a big hit on Thanksgiving morning ... what's not to like about pies and classic cars?

Unfortunately over time, the country market has become nothing more than a supply store for the local marina. After switching owners again and again, the heart of Galesville slowly started to break apart.

Independence Day has always been a big to-do in this town. Main Street telephone poles are lined with American flags, red white and blue can be seen on several houses, and roads close for a parade.

This 4th of July, Abby watched the parade for the first time. (Last year we were home in FL due to Jim's injury) It's something that I've done year after year ever since I was a young child and it was really special to see her reaction to something I've become so familiar with.

For the most part, Abby sat on my lap taking in all the sights and sounds. We saw firetrucks, classic cars, old farm cars, tractors, horses, homemade floats, children riding their bikes, and even a marching band.

Abby liked the horses the best. After spotting the horses she got off my lap and pointed to each one doing her best horsie sounds. The firetrucks made her nervous with the loud sirens. My girl is not a fan of loud sounds ... never has been.

And of course the day wouldn't be complete without spending time with family.
Abby absolutely adores her cousins.

4th of July ... All about family, good food, and old traditions :)


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