Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The hubs may have turned another year older ....

... but he's still younger than me. And he made sure to tell me that minutes after I wished him Happy Birthday. Gee, thanks honey. :) We celebrated Jim's twenty eighth birthday last Monday. The day started off just like any other ... Abby and I got up and had breakfast together while Jim slept just a bit longer. Long enough for Miss Abby and I to finish up the birthday cupcakes I made the night before. So we put on our matching aprons and got right to work!

At first I wasn't so sure how this would go. I think I doubted the fact that an almost two year old would be able to put icing on a cupcake and easily sprinkle candy confetti on top. I had envisioned it to be more like chocolate icing everywhere but on the cupcakes, sprinkles all over the floor, and cupcakes being eaten instead of decorated. Surprisingly, I was only right about one of those things.
Well maybe all three actually. Chocolate was everywhere, sprinkles were on the floor, and Abby definitely enjoyed licking a few cupcakes. Who ever said cupcakes weren't the breakfast of champions? Especially when they look this yummy.

Thanks to these yummy cupcakes, Abby had a sugar high by 8:30 in the morning. She was quite giggly so I took the opportunity to play with the timer on my camera... and these are our crazy photo booth looking shots.

What a fun way to start the morning. I'm glad to know that an almost two year old is capable of baking with me! It may have been messy but it was totally worth it. Abby came off her sugar high after lunch and was ready for a nap. And a long nap it was!

Jim and I used that time to get a few chores done and relax a bit. He watched a movie, while I tore through seventy some pages of a new book. The evening called for some park time, painting, and playtime with Gramma and Grandad.

My parents came up to babysit Abby so Jim and I could go out to dinner. We met up with Jim's high school coach, his wife, and other close friends. It was a perfect night. Mouth watering food, savory cocktails, adult conversation, great company.

Happy Birthday to an amazing husband and father. Hope you had a wonderful day .. I love you babe!


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