Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's always go-go-go around here ...

After catching up on other blogs this morning I noticed I hadn't posted anything in almost a week. Wow, I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as a total slacker. I want to blog more often and update y'all with pictures of Abby, but it's always go-go-go around here. Nonstop.

In the midst of trying to find the perfect Baltimore rental for our family this baseball season (yes, I know, we are running out of time) we've been quite busy with other things too. Playdates, Spring Training baseball, dinner with friends, and shopping for upcoming birthdays. Park time, swimming, reading books, and Play-doh fun. Nonstop. But FUN!

Abby loves making a mess of the playroom. Every day it seems a hurricane has swept through, but it's not even hurricane season here in Florida. The good news ... she has just as much fun cleaning up as she does destroying everything. Yay for clean up songs and games while we do it!

Sometimes Abby has more fun with the organizer cubes than she does the toys inside. Silly girl! We had such a good day together yesterday, minus her tantrum in Target and the fall off the sofa. Ugh, that one hurt and made me want to cry right along with her. Daddy was at the baseball park most of the day so he was definitely missed.

Our days are only going to get busier for the remainder of March. Birthday parties, a Matilda Jane Trunk Show hosted by me, a Stella Dot jewelry party, packing for baseball season, and our temporary move to Baltimore at the beginning of April. Here we go again ... go-go-go!!


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Carol said...

I love the last picture. We'll miss you guys. It feels like somehow this year we got jipped out of the off-season. Maybe a vacation to Baltimore is in order?