Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, white, and blue ... and different.

I have to admit this 4th of July was quite different than ones in the past. Usually Jim has a game, whether it be home or away and I spend the day in Galesville with the fam. Since we are home this year and not in Maryland, we actually got to spend this holiday together. We are usually apart on the 4th of July, although I do remember a couple few handful of years back, a game was cancelled due to rain in the area. Amazingly the rain cleared before the fireworks and Jim and I spent our first 4th together that year. So this, I believe was our second.

Anyways, we were invited to a BBQ on Saturday (the 3rd) and spent the evening with great friends. An evening of tasty food, swimming, and babies everywhere. Unfortunately, we had to miss the fireworks display to get the little one home to bed. Thanks to Becky for thinking of us, we had a wonderful time!

Chloe + Abby = Best Friends in the making :)

Sawyer (cutest little man EVER), Best Friends
Madie & Camdyn :)

Then, the actual holiday came around. We dressed Abby up in her patriotic wear and headed to the outlet mall shortly after breakfast. We didn't have any big plans for the day so we figured it was something we hadn't done in a while, the rain was passing, and it wasn't too hot out. Abby ended up with a new pair of kicks and Mama, well all she got was new work out clothes. (I will fill you in on a hardcore workout class I've been taking at a later time - it's crazy but so worth it!) After a day of shopping and playing at the house, Jim and I enjoyed a beer with some neighbors, while watching the fireworks from the driveway. Quite festive, huh?

Throughout the day, I kept thinking of the fam back home. I wondered what they were doing at that moment. Were they just putting food on the grill? Ahh, I could almost smell it. Were they in their lawn chairs watching the Galesville parade? I could hear my Dad start up the old tractor and envision him with his straw hat and ear to ear smile. Were they laughing at jokes or playing baseball in the backyard? Was my Dad shooting off the canon for the whole town to hear? Whatever they were doing, I missed it. Jim missed it. Abby missed it.

I pray that one day our families will all be together for holidays such as this. In the meantime, I keep thanking God for giving us the friends that make Florida feel like home.


toriebartee said...

I love the picture of best friends in the making! Too cute! We didn't do much on the holiday either. My parents were out of town, and my husband worked. Where in Florida are you guys?

toriebartee said...

We are in the Orlando area. Not too far (but I think I already asked you this question hehe)