Thursday, July 22, 2010

Letter from an ear ringin' Mama

Dear Abigail,
I'm not sure why you don't like riding in the car, but you hate it. At first I thought it was just too boring for you. When you turned four months old, you were really starting to see the world around you. I just figured there wasn't enough in the car to stimulate you. So ... I bought you a new toy. Another toy. And another. It didn't help. At eleven months old, you are still hating the car. You last about five minutes and then you let me hear it. You start to whine, that turns into crying, and by the time we've reached our final destination you have real tears and are making yourself gag. I've tried everything for you. Music up loud, music off. Country. Rock. Rap. Christian. You name it, I've played it. Air conditioning on full blast. Windows down. Sun shades. Not much helps. A pacifier will help sometimes and of course, your favorite song. I guess I'll stick to having "Highway 20 Ride" by Zac Brown Band on repeat.
I'm even thinking about turning your carseat around a few weeks early. The Florida law says babies must be a year old and weigh more than 20 pounds. Well... you definitely meet the weight requirement, so I'm tempted to turn you facing forward. Then maybe you will enjoy car rides like you used to as a tiny baby. Maybe you will feel better when you see more around you or watch Mommy sing and dance for you as I drive down the road. Just maybe, you will actually like it. Mommy will be happier. You will be happier. Car rides will be so much better. And for that I will be THANKFUL! :)



Carol said...

I feel for you, especially because I know what that was like! I think if/when you turn her around, and place her in the middle seat if you can, then that should help. She'll be able to see out the front window, and see you too. One more month, one more month, one more month. Oh, and try one of those seasickness bracelets and see if it helps! I think you can buy them at Walgreens.

Julie said...

Hailey was like that early on and one day, I went to Target, bought a 2-CD made by Parents that had a lullaby on one cd and pre-school type songs on the other. I turned it up pretty loud initially and it was instantaneous silence. Now she smiles when I turn it on. ? Hailey seems to like the radio but these kid cd's she loves. Maybe worth a shot

Shannon said...

Oh girl, I hear ya. I thought the same thing about GG so as soon as she met the weight requirements I moved her facing forward and bought a new car seat! Things got better but, Now that she's a year, she's a fuss budget again! Now it's because she hates sitting still and being so confined! Oh well, this too shall pass! HOPEFULLY, anyway!

Nic said...

I soooo feel your pain on this one!! Bug is 11 months old today and that car seat is being switched sometime this weekend because Nut was the same way at this age and I put her forward facing early too. Guess what? Worked like a charm.

ps: Too funny about Highway 20 Ride. Bug used to only go to sleep to Josh Turner's Why Don't We Just Dance. He still stops crying in the car if he hears it.

Nic said...

Just wanted to let you know I broke down and switched the little man tonight. We were driving and he was screaming his head off so I told DH to pull over in a parking lot. I hopped out, brought him the baby, and five minutes later had him front facing. He giggled and babbled the rest of the 20 minute car ride. Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! poor girl (and mommy). I'd probably do it a little early too. She's so close!