Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lets talk hair.

How about a random posting this beautiful Sunday morning about my daughter's hair? Sure. Why not?! First of all, if you remember back to when she was first born, Abby was covered with BLACK hair. At first, I was totally taken back by this and wanted her to wear a hat at all times. I know, how could I think that?! After a short time, I fell in love with the crazy amount of black hair she had and now of course, I miss it!

Now, Abby has the hair that any woman would die for. It has natural highlights, with the right shades. I mean, us women pay for hair like this!! She has several brown shades and a few blonde hairs thrown in. I know it won't stay like this, that it's still changing everyday, but I love it.

Abby's newborn hair... in case you forgot :)

So, which shade do you think will stay?? 1. Blonde, it's actually almost white. 2. Dark Blonde/Golden Brown. 3. Medium Brown or in this case, we'll call it Chestnut. 4. Dark Brown, or shall we say Mahogany? What do you think? Against my wishes ( I LOVED her dark black hair), I'm going with choice number ..... 1.


Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

I have to vote for the golden brown...but it's all beautiful! :)

Carol said...

Ha! I love the diagram. I think it's going to be very light brown/golden. Chloe is so jealous, okay, so am I (Carol, refer to your last comment about jealousy). Abby is going to have pig tails down to her waist before Chloe has enough hair for a shih tzu pony tail on top of her head.

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Thanks Michelle! Looks like you and Carol agree :) Great analogy Carol, a shihtzu pony tail... Love it!!!!! Seriously, Abby's hair is getting so long and it falls in her eyes all the time, that's why we use the bow to clip her hair back. Too funny!

Sue said...

Liz, I think she's going to have dark blonde/light brown hair. No matter what shade she ends up with, it will be perfect for her. By the way....I love what you've done with the blog - it looks GREAT !!