Saturday, May 22, 2010

An almost perfect day ...

Doughnuts made for a yummy way to kick off this beautiful Saturday! Such a simple indulgence can always put a smile on my face. Unfortunately, this Mama always has a sweet tooth and indulges in sweets a bit too much!

Then it was off to Emily's softball game. The weather was perfect and it was great to spend some time out in the sun. Em did a great job, pitching the whole game and getting a homerun! Abby had fun playing in the grass, watching everyone around us, and she even helped Justin keep score. Abby just loves her cousins!

A rare picture of Mommy & Abby. I'm usually the one behind the camera,
but not this time!

After an afternoon nap, Abby is ready to go again. She LOVES the walker Gramma bought for her. She ZOOMS across the front porch, chasing Max from one end to another. Not sure why we are encouraging walking, but she has so much fun and she keeps us laughing!

To end the night, we had dinner with the whole family. It's always so special to sit down and share a meal together. Aunt Heather spoiled Abby with some ice cream for dessert, while Max was probably thinking, "that used to be me until she came along." Poor dog ... we still love you, I promise.

If only all days could be like this ... beautiful weather, great fun, and sharing time with family. I only wish Jim could have been here to share this day with us. So until next time, it was just an almost perfect day.


Carol said...

Love the shih tzu pony tail on top of her head! Cute! See you in a few days!

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but this post reminds me of the Taylor Swift song when she is talking about her family and sings, "And I had the best day with you today." When did I get bit by this country bug???

Liz said...

Yes, Kir... I know that song!! Perfect fit for this post :)