Friday, May 28, 2010

Another one?! Why, thank you!

Another award... two in one week! Thank you to Nic over at Four Better, Four Worse for thinking of me for the Preppy Mafia Award. I was given this award for all the (adorable) pictures I take of my "little chunkers." Nic has a little chunkers herself, who happens to be only a few days younger than Abby.

So here's what I get to do... answer a few questions and pass the award on to a blogger I love. Drum roll please..... I'm going to pass my Preppy Mafia Award on to .... Tiffany over at The Florida Hogan's. Tiffany gives great reviews about different baby products and I love looking at the pictures of her two girls. They are so sweet! Her daughter Payten quite possibly has the cutest.... bedroom... EVER. Check out her page!

1) Who is your style icon(s)?
I honestly don't have one. I just wear what is comfortable nowadays. When I was working, I would dress up more often, but now that my job requires me to crawl around on the floor chasing after a baby, there is no point to be uncomfortable!

2) What is your favorite Socialite lit book?
Not so sure about this one. I agree with Nic (the Mama that awarded me this) that when you are unsure of an answer, say False or choose letter C. I'll go with False.

3) Favorite party theme?
Don't really have a favorite party theme... am I really getting the Preppy Mafia Award? So far, I haven't answered a single question! I guess if I were having a theme based party, I would just decorate with bright and bold colors. I would use flowers in funky vases to add to the mix.

4) Go in a Halloween costume?
Halloween is always fun, no matter what age you are. I love dressing up and being someone different for a night. I'm lucky that we attend a party each year for adults only, and we do come up with some creative costumes!

5) Extravagance you cannot go without?
Getting my hair done. Yet as I type this I have been way overdue for a highlight and cut... I'm talking months. There is something revitalizing about how you feel after your hair is just cut, colored, and styled... and it's now on my to do list!

6) Living person you admire?
This one is just way too hard. I admire a lot of my family and friends, all for different reasons. They are a huge part of my life! :)

7) Greatest fear?
I get so upset when Abby smashes a toy to her face or falls on her head trying to crawl. Seriously, I just can't take it! I worry about that little girl all the time. :)

8) Trait in yourself that you deplore?
Sometimes if I'm frustrated, overwhelmed, or simply tired, I take things out on other people. I don't mean to, but that's how I deal with those emotions. It's not right and I need to work on that.

9) What talent would you most like to have?
I'd love to be able to sing. I have been singing since I was little and it just never gets better! I know I can't sing, but I sing along to everything. My hubby mutes the commercials sometimes just so I can't sing along with a jingle. Sad. I hope Abby loves to sing as much as her Mama... I just hope she sings better! :)

10) Greatest achievement?
Having a baby. Need I say more?

Thank you again Nic for thinking of me! I love that family and friends enjoy catching up on my blog and take the time out to read it each day.


Carol said...

For #2 - I would have answered Sex in the City. Which reminds me, we should go watch that movie and sneak in tiny bottles of wine!

Liz said...

We should definitely DO THAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be able to sing too!