Friday, January 15, 2010

What a day! :)

I was a bit worried what the day would bring when little Abby became overtired and only napped for thirty minutes this morning. (not even a nap!) Then she napped again at noon for an hour, which is much better but at such an unusual time for us. After Abby woke up, she was happy and ready to play. So we decided to take her on a whole new adventure... mini golf! Since it was a BEAUTIFUL Sarasota day and we have friends in town, we thought it would be fun to get outside. Abby had a wonderful time and got her first taste of putt-putt. She even fell asleep towards the end with only 3 holes left. So she napped again for about 30 minutes and I soaked up every minute. I love when she falls asleep on me.

Get ready Abby, here we go!

So sweet...

After mini golf, we headed home and hung out around the house for a bit before heading to Bonefish for a nice dinner. I was a bit nervous taking a baby to this restaurant since it's a fancier, quiet restaurant with lots of older people that may get annoyed by a babies cry. However, we did it anyway and Abby was an absolute angel. She sat in her carseat and played with her toys, sat on Mommy's lap for a little bit, and before dinner was served, she was asleep again.
Abby is such a happy, beautiful baby and its days like these that I LOVE and LIVE FOR!!!!! :)

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Carol said...

Awe, that's precious. See babies don't have to change just pack them up and take them with you! Hold on Abby, we're going to a Taylor Swift concert next! :)