Friday, January 8, 2010

Grandad, Gramma, is that really you?!?!

"Hey, I remember you... It's Grandad!!!"

Grandad and Gramma Rowland arrived in Sarasota last Saturday night, bringing the cold weather with them. :) It's been a cold week, leaving us to mostly indoor activities. Believe it or not, snow flurries are in the forecast for this weekend. CRAZY!! So far, Abby has really been enjoying Grandad and Gramma's visit. She has been busy telling stories, cooing constantly, smiling, and laughing. Gramma, Abby, and I have done a little shopping, but mostly just enjoyed hanging out at the house and spending time together. Grandad has helped Jim put in the new fence in our backyard. Of course, he is enjoying his granddaughter too! :) We attempted the marina today but realized it was colder than we thought after getting there. So after getting a family picture, we headed home. We still have the weekend together and may even witness our first Sarasota snowfall. Haha, not betting on it.

Sharing stories with smiles ...

Playtime with Gramma

Kisses for little Abby

Look at this happy baby!!

Abby loves her new high chair ...

... and now she loves her cereal! :)

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Carol said...

So Sweet! I know they were loving their Abby time...only a few more weeks and they'll have all the Abby they can handle!