Thursday, January 14, 2010

So busy... and ready to relax!

Wow, the Johnson family has been busy!! It was such a special holiday season with family coming to visit. First Aunt Jenny came at the beginning of December. Then Nana and PopPop Johnson came, followed by Gramma and Grandad Rowland. Abby had such a fun time with everyone, and of course, Jim and I enjoyed our families just as much. Its the times we share during these visits that make us realize how important family is and just how much we miss everyone.
For the next few days, we have Jim's friends from New York visiting and then we head to Baltimore for FanFest next weekend. It will be great to see family there, along with some friends and their babies!
Here are just a few random pictures since I've been slacking on the blog updates. It's finally time to relax and enjoy some family time together before Spring Training begins in February!

Cold day at Marina Jack, but at least we got a family photo! :)

Gramma and Abby .... look at Abby's crazy hat head!!

Abby fell asleep on Grandad... probably the highlight of his visit :)

Smiling and laughing with Mommy ... love this :)

Abby loves the swing at the park now... and she likes to sleep in it too!

So sweet ... couldn't find her binky, so she found her thumb instead.

Best Friends :)


Sue said...

Thanks for updating the blog Liz. I look forward to seeing pictures of Abby, she is really growing fast. Looks like fun times with family. So glad you were all able to spend special time together making wonderful memories. Can't wait to come down during Spring Training....just around the corner ;)

Carol said...

Okay, so I just love every picture in this bunch! Who took the family photo? They centered it perfectly :) I still can't believe that Abby fell asleep in the swing like that. It was 40 degrees out and windy and she just snuggled up and passed out. CUTE! The pic of the four of us cracks me up. You have to take a 2nd look at it, like "what is going on here, how many people are in this picture?" Finally, a picture of the 4 of us!