Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just droppin' in....

Orioles FanFest was in Baltimore this past Saturday, so Jim and I decided to turn this into a short trip for the whole family. We left on Friday afternoon, after our original flight was cancelled that morning. After needing to switch carriers and adding a layover in Atlanta, we got to Maryland later than expected, but Abby did a fantastic job on the flights. She played, slept, and looked at EVERYTHING. I spent the night with my parents and sister Friday night, while Jim did his thing in Baltimore with his teammates. It was a nice time visiting everyone.
Saturday was FanFest ... an event full of fans waiting in lines of two hundred or more people to get autographs. Players also answered questions from fans during Fan Forums. Heather, Bobby, Justin, and Emily came along, which made it even more fun! It was great to catch up with Jim's teammates and their families. Once again, Abby did wonderful and even fell asleep during Jim's fan forum, so I got a chance to sit back and watch. Good timing!
Jim, Abby, and I all stayed at my parents house Saturday night. The Lambs came down, Uncle Donnie and Aunt Kay also came to visit, and we had a nice dinner. Then we had some fun playing the Wii and had a lot of great laughs together.
Sunday was busy since we had to head back home later that afternoon. A quick visit with Grammy first... and then home to see MomMom. Abby loves her great grandmas!! :)
I'm glad we were able to make the trip, even though it was so short. It was great spending time with everyone!
Abby loves her cousin Emily :)

Grammy & Abby

Grammy made Abby laugh SO hard. We managed to get a little on video, but we were too late of course!

Four generations... MomMom, Mom, Me, and Abigail

Abby modeling her new winter hat :)

Dressed and ready to go to FanFest!
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Carol said...

You are right, what a sweet video with Grammy in it! How is Emily so grown up already??

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

I know it!!! Em is soooo grown up, I can't take it! :)