Friday, April 24, 2015

17 weeks!

Dear Baby J,

     Here I am ... at 17 weeks!  It's crazy to think how fast this pregnancy is moving along.  Thankfully the morning sickness phase has ended, except for the occasional icky day.  However replacing that symptom comes heartburn!  I had terrible heartburn with your sister and brother so I expected it to ram its ugly head, just didn't know when.  It seems to come after spicy or Italian food (obviously) but even after cereal or blueberry bagels.  Tums, you are my friend ... once again. ;)  I haven't really had any major cravings or aversions yet.  Just eating like I typically do, with a few extra unhealthy treats! Oops!

     There's been some name talk, but nothing serious yet.  Although Levi absolutely knows you're a boy and your name will be Jesus.  He is telling everyone.  Jesus Johnson.  Abby is just busy keeping an ongoing list of possible names for you in her special notebook.  Some for a boy ... some for a girl. :)

     Abby is super excited for you, Baby J.  I'm having a blast sharing this excitement with her.  We talk about how big you are each week, what new things you're doing, and how you are growing.  We talk about names and how she'll be the best little Mommy.  No doubt.  The other night I was reading to her before bed and I felt you for the second time, just that quick fluttering feeling.  We both agreed that book must be one of your favorites.  ;)  In just a couple weeks, she'll tag along for the big ultrasound.  I cannot wait to share this special moment together!

     Things are going good ... real good.  Enjoying this pregnancy (now that I'm feeling better) and taking it one day at a time.  Looking forward to snuggling you and introducing you to your big brother and sister.  Abby and Levi will take good care of you ... and we all love you so much!



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Mama Rowland said...

Glad you are feeling better now! My prediction.....a girl! Can't wait to meet you Baby J. 😉