Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gramma & Grandad DO Disney!!

Although they never thought it would happen, my parents were able to visit Disney World for the very FIRST time!  I'll be honest and say it took a little bit of bribing from me and Jim, but we were able to get them there.  And I'm so glad we could share this experience with them!

The weather cooperated and wasn't too hot, the crowds were crazy as expected (Spring Break), BUT thanks to fast passes and a MASSIVE hookup at Cinderella's Royal Table, we had an amazing time!  

If I had to guess, I'd say these were some of the favorites from the day!

Dad - riding his first roller coaster with Levi, seeing Princess Jasmine up close and personal ;)
Mom - The Fantasy Parade and Buzz Lightyear Ride
Abby - Roller Coaster/Royal Table Dinner
Levi - Teacups
Jim - Roller Coaster
Me - Teacups


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Mama Rowland said...

That day in Disney? Let me tell you! It was the best!! Smiles, smiles & more smiles! 😄