Monday, May 11, 2015

Family time! :)

A couple weekends back the Johnson family had a mini reunion in Atlanta!  It was nice for us to spend some time together ... all together at once!  It was the first time we've all been together since the All Star game in 2012. Crazy, right?!

The kids and I arrived while Jim was at the ballpark, but beautiful flowers awaited us.  I just love a house with fresh flowers! :)  The kids were super excited to watch the fireworks from Daddy's dugout the first game.  The display was beautiful and we had the best front row seats!

We had a great time celebrating Caroline's 10th birthday at the ballpark too.  Ice cream, cake, and a visit from the mascot, Homer.  It was definitely a fun time and Abby and Levi were so excited to play with their cousins.

A weekend together wouldn't be the same without a family game of baseball!

Kids loving Homer ... minus Levi.  He was too busy playing shy guy.

It's always so special when family can be together ... hopefully the next time will be a lot sooner! I'm looking forward to a summer of fun in the ATL.  It's a beautiful area .... lots of walking trails, playgrounds, restaurants, and a community pool.   Less than a month away and our summer adventures begin! :)


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