Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Preschool Trunk-or-Treat

Abby's preschool hosted it's annual "Trunk-or-Treat" event yesterday.  Being new to the school this year, this was our first time participating.  The hubs stayed home with the little man so that I could volunteer in Abby's classroom for the day.

It felt really good to get back into a classroom (especially as Abby's Mommy) and I just loved hanging out with these sweet kiddos! Parent volunteers decorated their trunks and the kids went from trunk to trunk collecting treats.  It was so cute and some of the parents really went all out decorating for the kids.  It looked so fun that Jim and I may have to be on trunk duty next year! :)

As you can see in the pictures, Abby is dressing up as Sofia the First (princess) this Halloween and amongst her class we had a waitress, ladybug, ninja, hotdog, Ariel, witch, cat, and a skeleton.  All adorable of course!  Abby talked the most about Collin's costume (hotdog), even weeks before the actual party.  All the kids thought it was hilarious.

After trunk-or-treating was over, the class headed back into the classroom for some fun.  Another parent volunteer and I headed up some Halloween activities.  We played "Pin the Broom on the Witch", made spider hats, and the kids enjoyed yummy spider cookie treats made by Miss Abby herself.

Once the Halloween festivities were all done, it was time for chapel.  It may have been my favorite part of the day.  Seeing all the kids come together, sings songs, and learn a lesson from Pastor Steve made my heart smile.  Abby is learning the most valuable lesson of all ... the love that Jesus has for us all. :)

It was such a fun day!  I'm so happy that we love the school, Abby's classmates, and the things she is learning.  It's such a perfect fit. :)


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