Monday, October 21, 2013

Life. Happens.

Here I go again, apologizing and seeking forgiveness for not posting anything in over a month.  I really can't keep saying I'm sorry over and over again, so I'll just say this ... life. happens.

It's been a crazy whirlwind the past month and a half.  Here's the rundown, friends.  Kids and I flew home mid September, with hopes of returning to Baltimore for playoffs in October.  Our house renovations weren't complete so thankfully dear friends let us stay in their condo in a nearby neighborhood.  Kids began a new school routine ... Abby started PreK (seriously!?) and Levi is still doing his three days a week.  Florida had lots and lots of rain.  I'm talking like four straight days of rain.  More delays on the house renovations.  Orioles ended the season, earlier than we had hoped and Daddy came home.  Still at temporary house.  Hubs had to sleep on sofa since Abby was bunking with me.  Not a fun way to start the offseason.

Finally we moved back HOME a couple of weeks ago.  My parents were here and thank God for that ... we needed all the help we could get!  We are enjoying being home and are looking forward to everything being done with the house.  It's an absolute dream to call this house our home.

So as you can see ... it's been crazy.  But life. happens.  Life IS good!

Here are some pictures from the O's family day... just a few months late, but can't pass up not sharing the fun. :)

Little boy with the field all to himself.

Playing baseball with The Bird.  

Levi is mildly obsessed with him ... 

One of the best face paint jobs ever.

And here it is folks.  Abby played catch with The Bird and Tucker.
Those of you that know Abby, know her dislike for mascots.  
This was the closest she has been to him, at least with a smile on her face!


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