Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween, did that really just happen?

Just like any other holiday, Halloween came and went super fast.  This year it totally crept up on us, leaving little time to plan our family costumes.  I guess it worked out better this way since Abby knew she wanted to be Sofia the First, a Disney princess.  Gone are the days of Mommy and Daddy conspiring together to plan coordinating family costumes.  Duck Dynasty surely would have been a huge hit! 

We had thought about dressing up as a royal family, dressing the little man as a prince.  But we simply ran out of time and truthfully I got a little lazy with costume hunting.  So for 2013, Abby went as Princess Sofia the First and Levi went as a dragon.  The hubs and I ... well I guess we went as ourselves.  So boring! 

Same as in years past, some of our friends joined us for dinner and trick-or-treating.  Abby was super excited this year, knowing exactly what to do, and anticipating how much candy she would receive.  Needless to say, the kids were NOT into picture taking and were ready to RUN!

Seriously... RUN.  Out of 8 adults, none of us could get our children to stand still for a picture.  There were no cute photo ops this year, no pictures of Abby and Levi together ... just pictures of kids running around in circles and they hadn't even eaten any candy yet.  Ugh.  This Mama was sad.

The kids first house.  Abby, Nick, and Isla ran to the door with giggles and shrieks of excitement.  And with a quick thank you, they took off for the next house ... and so on.

Unfortunately, Levi was grumpy.  He wanted to run, not ride in the stroller.  Scary, tempered dragon!

After trick-or-treating, these two party animals were ready to live it up.  (just like their Daddies ... uh hummm...)

Levi has the biggest crush on this sweet girl.  Aubri is just precious!

Who wants candy?  These kids were just happy to eat Fritos late into the night! :)

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the evening with us.  Hopefully next year we can snap some more photos and have less mosquito bites by the end of the night. ;-)


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