Sunday, April 14, 2013

You would think she'd know baseball.

When we got back home last October, Abby decided she wanted to do gymnastics again.  She loves gymnastics.  The bars, balance beam, trampoline, and the rings.  You name it, she loves it ... and she's actually pretty good.  It was great for exercise and she made some sweet friends too.  Before heading back to Baltimore for this season, I had thought about what Abby would do up here.  The hubs and I knew we wanted her to do something ... something to keep her active and make new friends.  We just didn't know whether to stick to gymnastics, try dance, or pick a sport.

Then a friend mentioned that her boys were playing T-Ball.  It really couldn't have been more perfect.  Abby would already know two buddies on the team, we could have dinner together after the practices (our hubbies work together), and it would be a sport that Abby could connect with.

So it all started last week ... and it was quite entertaining.

The day of Abby's first practice, she talked about T-Ball nonstop.  She was ready and it sure sounded like she knew exactly what to do.  Doesn't this picture look like she knows baseball?

Well... this is what happened next.  She hit the ball, dropped her bat, and chased after her own ball.  Yes, you read that right.  Instead of ending up on first base, she landed herself right in the middle of a three man pile up.  Ahhh, at least those are her two little buddies.  What good sports!

Then it was her turn in the outfield.  She was ready to catch the ball and paid a bit more attention than her other teammates.  For a little while anyways.  At one point I looked up and Abby was playing on the playground next to our little practice area.  What?!?! Who knew there was playground time in the middle of baseball practice?!

Close to the end of practice, Abby kept coming over and saying she needed more water and complaining a bit that her legs were tired.  In the last few minutes, she decided she needed to rest instead of chase down more balls.  

I'm so excited for Abby.  I can't wait to see her learn more about a sport that consumes so much of our life.  I look forward to seeing her work with her little buddies as a team, play hard, and get better.  It may take us a while, but she'll get there.  After all, she does have a coach at home that knows a little something about baseball. :)


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Sue said...

She'll do just fine. If she handles it even remotely close to her gymnastics she'll be out-shining everyone on the field in no time. She's such a good athlete! XO