Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There's just something about it :)

There's just something about Easter and everything that comes along with it.  Spring, sunshine, egg hunts, friends, family, church, Jesus' resurrection, and the feeling of rebirth.  The sense that this is a time of all things becoming new.  And who doesn't like that feeling?

I have always loved Easter.  I liked the dressing up for church, the new Spring clothes Mama would always buy for us girls, and I enjoyed the time spent with family.  

Because Easter has always been one of my favorites, it makes me smile to see Abby love it so much.  She was full of questions this year ... sparked by reading Easter stories, Sunday School, and church.  It's so special to watch her grow and learn in her faith.  And as she always says, "I'm happy to have Jesus in my heart."

Our church usually holds an Easter Egg Hunt, but this year we decided to try something different.  We hosted a Jerusalem Marketplace instead and it was a super fun, super awesome event!  Definitely the best way to interact and learn more about the true meaning of Easter.  

So the Thursday before Easter Abby had her besties over for our very own egg hunt.  The Mamas and I put little trinkets in the eggs and let the girls have at 'em.  It was so cute and I'm already looking forward to planning a much bigger eggstravaganza next year! :)

Poor Levi played with the Easter basket, but didn't have much luck finding his own eggs.  There's always next year! :)

Easter Sunday was extra special this year.  It was the first Easter in a long time (maybe since Jim and I have been dating!!!) that we were able to spend Easter Sunday together.  We've never been to an Easter church service together before .... because it's always during Spring Training or the beginning of the baseball season.  So it was such a blessing to have the whole day ... together ... as a family. 

Abby was so giddy about finding her Easter basket, left behind by the Easter Bunny.  Levi had better luck with the egg hunt Easter morning and found a couple eggs all by himself.

After the morning excitement of Easter, we all got dressed up and headed to church.  It was a beautiful service.  Then we spent the rest of the day with some of the Branca crew.  As always, dinner and desserts were amazing and we enjoyed their company!

Hope your day was just as extra special and full of blessings as ours.  Happy Easter! :)


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Sue said...

We loved having you and hope that our holiday gatherings will continue for a long long time. xo