Monday, April 29, 2013

Keeping busy ...

The hubs has been on a road trip since Wednesday and doesn't get back until Sunday.  The best way to get through an eleven day road trip is to keep busy.  And thankfully the kids keep me plenty busy these days!

Between tball, swim lessons, physical therapy, and playdates, we. are. busy.

Last Saturday was Abby's Opening Day for her tball.  She had her individual and team pictures taken, walked in a parade (which introduced all ball teams for Hereford Co.), and joined in the fun of a Spring Fair.  

Pictures went well and of course Abby posed like she was in a fashion show. :)

The parade was fun for the kids and was actually Abby's favorite part.  I warned her at the beginning that the firetrucks were leading the way and she immediately covered her ears.  Poor girl ... maybe one day she won't be bothered by loud sounds.  The parade led the kids right into the Spring Fair, which was full of things to do.  Abby loved the bounce house slide, enjoyed making crafts, and had lunch with her little buddies.  It was a great day! 

Stay tuned for the first tball game .... it's this Saturday! Looking forward to cheering my little girl on! :)


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Sue said...

Good luck Abs! Can't wait to come to your games soon! xoxo