Thursday, February 7, 2013

This year ... we went BIG.

It's somehow become our annual tradition.  Scrumptious food.  Amazing cake.  Decorations.  Awesome friends.  Football.  Yelling.  Cheering.  Commercials.  SUPER BOWL!

Our parties started off really small back at our old house on Olive Avenue.  Less than twenty people, pot luck style food, board games, and football.  Each year the parties just kept getting bigger but one thing stayed the same ... our awesome friends kept coming, making our parties such a fun time!

This year we had about seventy people, scrumptious food catered by Polo Grill, an amazing cake (and helmet topped cake pops as favors) by the super talented Lindsay at Pastries by Design, and a photo booth that may or may not have been the most fun of the evening.

Since the Super Bowl was in New Orleans this year, of course we went with a Mardi Gras theme.  Why not make it bright, colorful, festive, all the while still using purple for the Ravens?!  Perfect.  I had a ton of help from super crafty and creative Sam.  We made all the decorations using masks, beads, and feathers.  Everything turned out super cute!

We had a great time hosting such a fun party.  We really enjoyed catching up with everyone and having some kid free time with our friends!

Will the photo booth become a tradition?  Absolutely.  It just kept getting crazier and more fun as the night went on :)

The next day ... after the party was all done, everyone kept thanking us for such a wonderful party.  But I'm pretty sure we should be thanking you because our friends are what made the party such a blast! So THANK YOU and see you next year! :)


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