Friday, February 15, 2013

10 months!

It's hard to believe that little man is ten months old now.  I know it's the same story each month, but I'll say it again ... Levi is changing so much and changing so fast.  It's just crazy, but we are loving every minute of it!

At ten months ...

- Weighs 22 pounds (75th percentile for weight) and is 30.25 inches tall (95th percentile for height).

- Has four teeth (2 top, 2 bottom) and is working on two more.

- Crawling everywhere, cruising along furniture, and climbing over anything that stands in his way.

- Pulling up on anything and just learned that kitchen cabinets open.  Yikes!

- Talking nonstop.  "Da Da" is still a favorite, but trying to say "dog."  Love the babbling... I babble right back.  :)

- Eating more table foods and loves to feed himself.  Seems to like almost anything.  We got the go ahead to start whole milk and we'll be trying this weekend!

- Loves his big sister and Max is his new buddy.  Max is such a good sport :)

- Dancing.

- Happy.  Full of laughs.  Full of smiles.

Happy ten months, sweet boy!  We love you so so much!