Monday, December 10, 2012

It just flies by ...

Time that is.  It seems like with each day that passes, they go by faster and faster.  As I sit here and type this post, surrounded by the quiet sounds of the washing machine and Christmas carols playing in the background, I can't believe it's already one o'clock!  Seriously, the morning is already gone.  I had so much on my to-do list today and only half will get done.  And you know what?  Oh well.  It may not get done when I wanted it to, but it will get done.

The message at church yesterday helped me realize this.  Pastor Steve reminded us that the first Christmas wasn't perfect, in fact it was quite messy.  It didn't play out according to the script, but what happened anyways was a miracle.  Not everything in life is perfect, actually most things are far from perfect.  So I'm taking on the challenge during this Christmas season to stress less, enjoy my family, and reflect on the wonderful year that we've had.  Laundry will get done, gifts will be wrapped, and my closet will get organized.  It may not be in the time I had envisioned... and that's okay.  (I sure hope my husband was listening at church.)

I forget the exact scenario but the other day Abby was asking me to read a book to her.  She asked over and over and I kept responding with... "when I'm done cooking" ... "when I'm done cleaning up my mess" ... and then finally it hit me, do it later.  It will get done.  It only took five or so minutes to read the book, enjoy some Abby time, and then I was able to get back to what needed to be done.

It's not always easy, it won't always be perfect but life is one amazing ride, so take the time to enjoy it!

I know it's easy to get caught up in the day to day "to do lists" but try to take the time to relax more, stress less, and celebrate this Christmas season.  Remember, it won't be perfect ... and that's the best part about it.  And like Pastor Steve said, instead of saying "Have a Merry Christmas," try saying ... "Have a Messy Christmas!" Afterall, messy can be a beautiful thing :)


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Sue said...

Well said Liz! I keep reminding myself "you can't press REWIND"! Make every moment count! xoxo