Thursday, December 22, 2011

With 2 days to spare ...

Abby finally saw Santa!

Not that we didn't attempt it many times in the last month. We watched from afar at Disney, where Santa sat and met all the children. Abby waved and said "Hi Hanta!" (that's what she calls him) when we visited him last week on Main Street.

She had been so excited to see him the last attempt, telling me she would ask Santa for a monkey. Then when we got too close, she was done, overwhelmed, and wanted no part of it.

Last night after seeing a picture of a little girl on Santa's lap, Abby said, "Me, Hanta! Me, Lap!" So hubs and I decided we would try again today, especially since she told us she wanted to ask Santa for a monkey ... again.

This time ... success! She fought a little bit at first and didn't want to sit on his lap but on Mommy's. Hey... it works. And she told Santa she wanted that monkey.

Now I'm off to wrap the last gift for under the tree ... a stuffed monkey, completely outfitted and all, thanks to Build A Bear. :)


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Very cute!

Cara said...

Fun! Abby looks thrilled!

Meant to be a mom said...

It looks like she did really good. That's a good smile :) She is such a cutie!