Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Something Good - Family Time

I have so many photos I want to edit and share with y'all, but I just don't have the energy to do that this afternoon while Abby naps. So I'm linking up with LeeAnn today instead! Head on over to The Life of Rylie and Bryce too to read about her "something good!"

The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too!

My something good is real simple today. Time spent together as a family. We've had a lot of "together time" the last few days and it has been awesome! Sunday was a day game so we were able to spend the evening together. A family meal at home (take out still counts?) and a movie together once Abby went to bed. Perfect. Then yesterday was the hubs birthday (much more to come on that later) and an off day. Can't beat that!

It means a lot to me that my husband wants to spend and share his day with us on an off day. That sounds like it should be a given, right? But really when you think about it.... he usually works seven days a week and spends a lot of time traveling from city to city. So an off day is his day to rest and recover, both physically and mentally. Instead of playing golf (he will finally get a round in during the All-Star break) or catching up on sleep, he spends the day doing whatever we want to do. Whether it's a Target run, a trip to the mall, or checking out a museum, we do it as a family.

And I treasure every minute we spend together. It's these moments that will make memories for years to come.



klcmaher said...

I followed!from the Something Good hop. You all look so happy in front of the fountain. My husband spends most of his off time with us too. It's a good feeling to know someone loves you that much.
I'd love to have you stop by and visit when you get a chance. http://klcmaher-themorethemerrier.blogspot.com

Carol said...

What a cute family photo! The water looks clean if you'd rather let Abby run around in that fountain. LOL!