Monday, June 13, 2011

Isn't it supposed to get easier?

Road trips take on a whole new meaning these days. You would think that with each new baseball season, the separation during road trips would get easier. Right? That's what I thought would happen and I think it was starting to get easier ... until this year.

In earlier baseball days, I would go on road trips with the hubs, only worrying about where the dog would stay while we were gone. Obviously now there is a lot more to worry about than just Max. Sometimes with an energetic toddler it's just easier to stay behind than to worry about how the flight will go, plan activities in an unknown city, and wonder how much time will actually be "family time" while we are there. Since Abby isn't on baseball schedule (go to bed late, get up late), it doesn't quite make sense to make a whole lot of road trips, although we will make a few later on in the season.

This season Abby and I are having to say "byebyes" more than usual. And it's getting harder. each. time. Abby is at the age where she notices when Daddy isn't around. She misses him and doesn't understand where he is or when he'll be back. Luckily she is also at that age where she gets over it quickly and then only certain moments remind her he's not here.

Today before Jim left, it was almost like Abby knew he was leaving for a road trip. She repeatedly said "up please" and wanted to spend each second being held by her Daddy. We walked him out, gave each other kisses, had a big family squeeze and he took off. For nine days. Abby whined a bit, but did okay. Me on the other hand ... I lowered my sunglasses and teared up a bit. It's not getting easier.

Even though Abby wanted Daddy to play with her tonight and wasn't happy with the way I was pushing her on the swing, she went to bed laughing and with a smile on her face. I know it's nothing personal and she loves her Mama. But there is no doubt she misses her Daddy. And I'm right there with her. We miss you babe. :)



Lindsay With An "A" said...

What a great post! I hear you 100%! I am trying to go on as many road trips as I can now...before we start having kids! I know it won't get any easier then, though! Love your blog :)

Carol said...

:( It'll get easier, but not before it gets harder. Just think x2 ::shudder::

Anonymous said...

Aw hang in there girl. Abby love you just as much!