Monday, June 13, 2016

Sweet, sweet Charlie.

Dear Charlie,

You are one of my motivations behind this blog ... without even knowing, you've pushed me to start back up again ... to keep writing.  You see, I love that this blog is a scrapbook, a treasury, a special gift for when you get older.  Over the past six years I've captured a lot of memories and I want to continue for you.

At eight months, you are a happy baby.  You've always been a happy baby.  Nothing really bothers you -- except the basics... hungry, tired, need a diaper change.  When you smile it lights up the entire room.  You are absolutely intrigued by your brother and sister -- and you watch their every move.  And because of that, you're learning so much.

Learning to talk (ok, babble) and talk LOUD. You're just starting to crawl and soon you'll be all over the place.  You're also attempting to pull yourself up on furniture and in your crib.  You can clap your hands, play Patty Cake, give high five, and wave.  There is no doubt you are one busy little lady.

We started baby food earlier with you ... it seemed you were ready and with every bite we took at the table, you pretended to chew right along with us.  So we tried it ... and you loved it.  You continue to love it, unless it's green ... then you take after your Grandad.  ;)  Recently we started introducing solids ... shredded meat, pasta, cheese, yogurt, and small pieces of fruit.  You are doing such a good job and really are such a good eater!

Charlie, you have the BEST big sister and big brother.  Ever.  They both love you so much.  Abby is a little Mommy and takes such good care of you.  Levi loves to entertain you and make you laugh.  It's such a joy watching them love on you.  I can't even put it into words.  Their love for you is just so, so special.

Sweet baby, we love you so much and feel so blessed that God chose us to be your family.  Will you do Mommy just one, small favor?  Stop growing so fast ... there's really no rush!!



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Mama Rowland said...

Every time I read your blog, whether it be a new entry or an old one, I just smile! Love & miss all of you!😘