Thursday, June 9, 2016

Family of FIVE, what?!

I'm sure every writer has a writing hiatus at some point.  Whether it's writers block, pursuing other goals, or the standard not enough time, it happens.  It must.  Right?  Either way my hiatus lasted a year and in one year a lot happens. 

Not to bore you with everything that happened in the course of one year, I'll give you the quick rundown.  Our summer was full of exploring a new city ... the city of Atlanta, where Jim signed with the Braves.  For the second year in a row Megan was able to spend her summer with us.  Being pregnant and chasing two kids in HOTlanta proved to be much easier with her help!  In July Jim was traded out to LA to finish the season with the Dodgers.  The kiddos and I then packed up and headed home to prepare for the birth of our third baby. 

Wow.  The birth of our third baby.  The Johnsons became a family of five.  If you have been a follower of my blog then you'll remember this is the baby I prayed for.  And when I say I prayed for this baby, I mean I PRAYED.  Caring for two little youngsters was already a challenge and at times it felt like my heart was full.  Then there were times that sadness emptiness would creep in and I kept second guessing myself.  I wanted another baby.  I knew three would be crazy.  I knew three would be exhausting.  But I also knew deep down I may regret not having another baby.  My heart had more love to share and more cuddles to give.  So I prayed ... and prayed ... and God answered our prayers with the news of a healthy pregnancy.

Enter Charlie Elizabeth.  We kept her gender a secret until birth and it was truly the most amazing experience ever.  Being convinced we were having another boy, I was completely shocked and surprised to meet our new baby girl. Charlie is the sweetest baby and has added so much joy into our lives.  Her big sister and big brother are the absolute best and it's been wonderful watching them enjoy their baby.

My heart is full.  My heart is happy.  God has proved to me that three is our magic number.  It just feels right -- it fits -- it's our family.  Our family of FIVE.


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Mama Rowland said...

Dear Charlie Elizabeth...what a beautiful name! You were welcomed with open arms! Can't wait to see you grow and learn new things just like your brother and sister. You are such a sweet baby! We all love you very much!...Love, Gramma