Saturday, August 30, 2014

Just a boy and his love for baseball.

With all the excitement that went along with Abby's first week of kindergarten and fifth birthday, we wanted Levi to have some of his own special excitement.  Since Daddy was home for a couple days playing the Tampa Rays, what would make Levi the happiest little guy?  Obvious ... a trip to the ballpark with Daddy!

Look at this big boy!  Sitting in the clubhouse after getting fully dressed in his new Detroit Tigers practice gear.  Levi was ready to take some batting practice with the boys!

Nothing but kisses for Daddy after having such a fun time on the field.

Seriously ... nothing better - baseball and Daddy.  

And then it was time to go ... it was time to say bye to the ballpark and bye to Daddy. 
And someone was not happy.  It's a good thing Mommy has gotten used to taking ground balls, pitching to my little batter, and playing imaginary baseball  :)


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Mama Rowland said...

Awwhhh, made me tear-up just now!