Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's all about the Mamas.

Take a look at these cuties, would ya?!
I'm one blessed Mama.  I don't need Mother's Day to know that, but it sure is nice to be thanked, appreciated, and loved on such a special day.

While I was in Boston, Sue helped the kids make very special Mother's Day gifts for me.  Beautiful flowers, but even better footprint butterflies! :)  On Friday, Abby's class hosted Muffins for Moms ... a time for just Mommy and Abby.  

On Mother's Day, the kids and I cuddled together in my bed before church.  Following church, we met some friends at Starbucks for cake pops and frappuccinos.  We lounged around the house in the afternoon and then went to a friends house for some swimming and dinner.  It was an amazing meal, with a nice A's win (and Johnson save) to go along with it!  I'm thankful to have such wonderful friends that live so close.  Their thoughtfulness is appreciated! xoxo

Here's Abby's class singing ... doesn't get much sweeter, does it?!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there.
(Miss you, Mama!)


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Mama Rowland said...

Miss you too Liz! I am on a countdown! Can't wait!