Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Boston, what a nice surprise!

For as many times as Baltimore played Boston, I'm not really sure why I never made the short trip to the city.  This past weekend made me wish I had only made the trip more often.  Boston was a nice surprise ... a beautiful, clean city with a lot to offer.

Planning this trip started off as a "well ... maybe" kinda thing.  It all came about when our pastor asked me if Jim had filled me in on his wife's (also our pastor) fiftieth birthday celebration.  Apparently my hubs is really good at secrets so I had no clue.  The celebration included a surprise trip to Boston, meeting up with longtime friends, and taking in an A's game at Fenway Park!  He asked if I'd be making the trip so maybe we could catch dinner one evening after a game.  Boy did that put a bug in my ear!  I hadn't planned on it but it sure sounded FUN!

So ... on a whim, a couple of weeks ago ... I booked my trip (sans kids) to Boston!  Sounded perfect to me ... a new city, new ballpark, great friends, and some alone time with the hubs.

It started off a bit rainy, but once the bad weather cleared out we had some beautiful days.  Not the warmest, but they were gorgeous nonetheless.  Flowers bloomed, giving a glimmer of hope that Spring was here!  The hotel was super nice, right across the street from the Public Gardens.  Lots of green space, the swan boats, and the pond from the book "Make Way for Ducklings."

Jim had an off day on Thursday .... we walked around the city, did some sightseeing, tried on goofy hats (although Jim really wanted the one he tried on), and had time to just relax.  Reading and Starbucks, two of my favorites! :)  That night we had dinner with one of Jim's teammates and his wife, along with their friends.  Super nice people ... we had a wonderful time!  The night continued with our friends from Florida ... having everyone together felt like we were home again.

The next day, I did the Duck Tour.  Maybe a bit cliche?  But ... it was interesting to hear about some of Boston's history.  It was nice having friends in town so we could explore Boston together, instead of solo.  

Of course we tried Georgetown Cupcakes and yes, they were as scrumptious as you would think!

Next stop.  The legendary Fenway Park.  It proved to be a beautiful stadium, with the old fashioned feel.  We had a great time ... and it was absolutely wonderful surprising Pastor Catherine.  She had no clue Boston was playing Oakland, and no clue she would run into me! :)

After a fun game (despite the loss), we ended up at Jim's favorite restaurant in the country.  Strega.  We enjoyed some of the best food that night.  Food that just kept coming.  And coming.  Seriously, we didn't even order off a menu.  Carlo took very good care of us!  We enjoyed the time together with great conversation and it was so special to be a part of Catherine's big celebration.  Carlo fed us way too much ... dinner, desserts, wine ... so what better way to get back to our hotel, but in a limo.  Wow. What a special evening!

Now that I know what Boston has to offer, I'm sure it will be a city I'll return to.  Seems like a lovely place to have the kids in tow. Maybe next time. :)


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