Wednesday, April 23, 2014

West Coast Fun?!

Looking back on our trip to Arizona and California, I just shake my head and laugh.  It was an interesting trip to say the least, and any dull moments were few and far between.  I am beyond thankful that Megan was willing, ready, and able to make the trip with us and am even more excited to have her join us this summer.  The kids absolutely adore her and it's rather nice having a friend around when the hubs is gone so much.  Imagine that, adult conversation?! Pretty nice.  Megan and I joked that we could write a book about our trip and as entertaining as I'm sure know it would be, I just don't have the time to do that - so, I'm gonna cheat and do the quickest rundown. ever. And without any punctuation rules - I'm a rebel, I know. :)

Florida to Arizona.  Successful flights I'd say.  And when I say successful, I thank God since the lady in front of me tried to smoke a cigarette ON the airplane!  I mean, really?!  Despite death stares, rolling of eyes, and comments made by older women who obviously forgot what it was like to have young children, the kids did an amazing job.  Sure there were a few meltdowns, leg kicks to the seats in front, and a bit of whining.  But ... they. did. great.

Arizona.  Beautiful weather. Beautiful sunrises.  Awesome train park that the kids (and adults) loved! What's better than a working train, playground, and a carousel all in one place?  It was great.  Phoenix Zoo.  It's a rather large zoo with tons of animals.  We had a beautiful day for it and the kids loved it, especially the petting farm area.  Go figure - we're at the zoo with exotic animals and my kids love the goats and cows.  Typical.  Spring Training games.  ER visits.  Not one, not two, but three.  Poor Abby had a horrible ear infection and a high fever.  Not fun being sick, especially out of town away from your doctors.  Celebrated Levi's birthday a bit early with the grandparents.  Indulged in Sprinkles cupcakes - YUMMO.  Enjoyed a nice family dinner with Nana and PopPop ... behaving children, yummy food, and great company - doesn't get much better than that.

California.  Welcome to cold, rainy, damp weather.  Right off the airplane and kids are already stomping in giant mud puddles, which left us no choice but to strip them down and that folks is how we entered the hotel.  Welcome Johnsons!  Got news that our Baltimore furniture delivery wasn't on time as scheduled and we'd be in hotel longer than expected.  Make the best of it - right!?  Levi decided to get his arm stuck in the elevator - horrific, terrifying experience that took us to the ER.  Again.  Soft tissue damage and a soft cast.  Tough little guy.  Moved into Cali house, got unpacked and "settled" all in a day.  Opening Day ... weird to see hubs wearing green and yellow, but so exciting for a new season to begin and a new opportunity.  Celebrated Levi's second birthday!!  Baseball games, unexpected dinner date with the hubs, Chuck E Cheese, mall trip, Easter bunny, playgrounds, exploring a new area.  Getting lost in a new area.  Several times.  One which led to sirens and blue lights.  Thank goodness for those two sleeping kids in the back - the cop realized we weren't causing trouble. :)

Flight home to Florida.  First leg ... kids couldn't have been better.  Second leg ... delay IN airplane for almost two hours.  Need I say more?

Hallelujah - we DID it!  West Coast travel can happen.  May not be easy, but it's totally doable.   Hope you enjoy the video of our adventures! :)


Mama Rowland said...

Awwhhh! Poor Abby! Poor Levi! Wait a minute!! POOR LIZZY!!

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