Saturday, April 12, 2014

Let the partyin' continue ...

Today was round three (yes, three!) for celebrating Levi's 2nd birthday.  We first celebrated in Arizona with Nana and PopPop, then in California with Daddy, and now home with more family and friends.  The timing of the party was extra special too, since my sister and niece are in town for the week visiting.  It was an absolutely perfect day for our special boy, besides the fact that he's growing up way too fast!  

Take a look at some of the fun we had - "can you tell me how to get, how to get to Levi's Street?!"

The Sesame characters must have left their footprints behind!  We couldn't seem to find any of them at the party, but I'm sure they were there somewhere. ;-)

Thanks to Em and her friend, Jodee ... we did most of the decorating the night before!

The kids had a fun time jumping in the bounce house (especially Popcorn time with Mr. Jay), playing on the swing set, and putt-putt.  Everyone played really well together and it was refreshing to see them all having so much fun with each other.

Along with decorating the night before, Aunt Heather was in the kitchen with the kids baking cupcakes.  60 of them.  And putting icing on all of them too.  Like I said earlier, the timing of their visit was just perfect. Wink, wink!

 Anyone for a game of Oscar's Garbage Can Knockdown?

What about Pin the Nose on Elmo?

Thanks to Pinterest (or maybe not since it took over my life for about two weeks straight), our house turned into a mini Sesame Street.  I had fun crafting and making this party a special day for our little guy and all of our friends!

Thank you to family and friends that came to celebrate Levi!  It was a great time with some of our favorite people.

Happy Birthday, Levi!


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Mama Rowland said...

Good job Liz, Heather, Emily & Jodee! Decorations look great and treats look yummy! Wish we could have been there! Happy Birthday Levi! We'll see you soon!