Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Picture Overload, Chicago Style :)

Earlier this month, Abby and I went on our first roadtrip of the season.  We had debated taking both kiddos, but ultimately decided that Abby needed some one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy and Chicago was the perfect city for that.  Chicago is not only a beautiful, clean city (one of my favorites), but it offers a lot of different things for children.  Abby was so excited for her "special" trip .....

And special it was.  We stayed at the Trump Tower, which of course I was super excited about.  The nicest hotel I've been so far.... and Abby was spoiled like a little princess during our stay.  Slippers, robe, stuffed animal, snack upon arrival, cookies and milk, coloring books .... She was in heaven!

The first day in Chicago was an off day so we spent the afternoon at Shedd Aquarium.  Wow, what a place!  Abby took her own pictures with her Daddy's phone ... so cute.  

The aquatic show was amazing... the best I've seen besides shows at Sea World.  We were able to see beluga whales, dolphins, and penguins in action.  Abby was really into it and didn't take her eyes off the show!

Even though the show was a favorite, Abby's favorite of all was the penguin exhibit.  We watched them for a long time.  Watched how fast they could swim and watched a Daddy penguin with his baby.  So sweet.  Then Abby dressed like a penguin (Mommy too) and had fun with all the other kids.  :)

The next day, Abby and I went on quite the adventure to the American Girl Store.  I was overwhelmed as soon as we entered this place, haha.  Girls of all sizes, from little to preteen, wanting this and that and everything else.  It was crazy!  Thankfully my girl was content just pushing her dollies around in the double stroller.  And thankfully she didn't throw a fit when I told her the stroller wouldn't fit on the plane ... sweet deal, birthday gift ordered! :)  Abby enjoyed watching her dollie "Maddie" get her hair done, along with a special facial treatment.  Then we took Maddie to dinner in the restaurant, where she was able to dine with us!

We were busy from sun up to sun down.  Aquarium, American Girl, movies, swimming, bowling, and baseball.  The hubs and I were even able to sneak in a Mommy/Daddy dinner date after a game.  

Abby felt special and she enjoyed having our full attention while on our trip ...

... and this little guy enjoyed his time away from his sister.  Levi had a little vacation of his own!  Full of playtime with the Branca gang! :)


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