Thursday, July 25, 2013

All Star Break

When baseball is such a huge part of your life, three words can mean so. so. much.  All Star Break.  Three whole days of family time ... something so simple, yet so amazing halfway through a busy season.  Last year when Jim was selected as an All Star, our break (or lack thereof) wasn't as relaxing as it usually is, but it was an incredible experience and I would love to do it again.  Hopefully his career will allow that to happen in the future!

The weekend before the break, Levi had been sick with a stomach bug.  I honestly thought that maybe he had just eaten too much the night the vomiting began, but later it seemed there was more to it.  After the game on Sunday we headed to my parents house for the first night of the break.  After dinner Abby started to complain that her tummy didn't feel good and before we knew it, we realized it was her turn.  Then the next morning, I started .... the stomach bug had officially taken over and it was NOT how I was hoping our break would begin.  :(

Thankfully everyone else kept the bug away and had a good time.  Baseball in the yard, sprinkler fun, and some slip-n-slide action.  I wish I had video of Jim sliding on this thing.... he was one, big kid out there!  

Later that afternoon, while I was laid up on the couch, Jim went on a boat ride with the kids, Heather and Emily.  Despite the heat, I think they all enjoyed it!  

Thankfully everyone was feeling better on Tuesday, so we were ready for some fun!  We headed out to Port Discovery with the kiddos and Sue and Nick joined in on the fun.  Abby always loves this place ...  the market, the gas station, the diner ... she can always find something to keep her busy.  This was the first time Levi was able to explore on his own and he enjoyed soccer, sitting in the car, and the toddler area.  Such a great place for kids ... and adults. :)

Tuesday evening was all about some adult time!  Some of the Branca gang joined us for a water taxi ride, dinner, and a relaxing night.  Jim and I picked a new restaurant based on some recommendations.  Food was yummy, wine was tasty, but the time spent together was much better than both of those combined!  :)

Our last day of break was spent relaxing .... some down time at the house and a small BBQ with friends.  So much fun and many wonderful memories made.

Baltimore has become such a special place for our family.  I hope we stay here for a long, long time!  Now let's get the second part of the season underway ... Go O's! :)


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