Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some people were just meant to be family.

At different times in your life, you cross paths with people that were just meant to be family.  People that you instantly form an unexplainable bond ... a bond that is sure to last a lifetime.  Growing up I had best friends that might as well been family.  We did everything together, spent time with each others families, and formed friendships that would last forever.  Distance, time, and grown up responsibilities sometimes get in the way of these friendships, but when we do get the time to catch up, it's just like it's always been.  We've built those bonds that will last a lifetime ... we were meant to be family.  

Then there are friends that Jim and I met in Florida, that made us feel like we weren't so far from home.  Quickly becoming our "Florida Family," we were so blessed for their friendship, help, and continued support.  It may have been a different time in our life, but the same bond was created ... a bond that will last a lifetime ... we were meant to be family.

Over the winter we received the news that our friends would be moving.  Moving?! No!!!!! Then we found out they were moving to Baltimore and we were ecstatic with the news!  After all, if they were going to move, at least they were moving to a place where we spend much of our time.  I must say... now that they are here and as happy as we are for them, it's made us realize that we won't have any family in Florida when we return home.

God places people in our lives that are special ... and those special people were just meant to be family. 

Much success on our road trip for our first visit to the Brancas :)
Abby was quite excited!

The new house is beautiful.  It's in an area much like my parents, providing a nice getaway from city living.  Peaceful, calming, and so pretty!  We went for a nice walk, played in GRASS!, made rice krispie treats and a huge mess, and enjoyed time with some awesome people.  (missed you Danny and Stephen!)

Thank you Branca family for always making us feel so welcome in your home.  Thank you for making us feel like part of your family. :)

P.S.  Don't you love that picture of Levi getting revenge on his sister???? 



Gramma Rowland said...

Thank heaven for family!
We will also miss them in Florida even though we don't live there.

Sue said...

We had such a good time with you and the kiddos here! Can't wait til we can do it again - road trip retreat! We'll
be back in Florida for sure. Just have to find the right dwelling.