Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Fun

Before bed last night, Abby summed up our weekend quite well ... "We watched a lot of baseball Mama!"  Thank goodness she loves it and loves going because we did spend a lot of time at the ballpark this weekend.  Friday ... Saturday ... Sunday (might as well throw some tball in there too)  :)  

It's been so nice enjoying baseball with friends and family this season.  Sharing this journey with the ones we love is special.  So happy to spend time with all of you this weekend ... time spent together creates a lifetime of memories.  (Missed you Gary and Gini, looking forward to a visit soon!)

Yesterday being Father's Day, was an extra special day at the ballpark.  The kids were invited to play catch on the field prior to the game and loved every minute of it!  Levi took it all in at first ... he just stood there and looked way out into the outfield seats. Abby wanted to play catch with Daddy right away and show off her new tball skills.   

Abby took a break from playing catch to chase a small, white butterfly in the outfield. (Top: Bottom Left pic) It was quite funny ... she was persistent she would catch it, but of course the butterfly was just too quick for her little feet. :)

Abby was excited to play with Taylor and Tucker too.  These three are like three peas in a pod.  They are the sweetest friends.  This morning Abby informed me that Taylor was her boyfriend.  And so it begins. 

Levi wanted to play catch too, just with a bigger ball.  He kicked it, threw it, and chased it all over the place.  

Having so much fun :)

Daddy and his girl ...

and his boy ...  :)

It was a great day to spend with family.  Having help with the kids, enjoying their company, and taking in a beautiful day at the yard made for a perfect Father's Day!  

Happy Father's Day to my hubs, my Daddy, and my father-in-law!  You all are the BEST!! :)


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Gramma Rowland said...

Yes, Abby, that WAS a lot of baseball BUT soooo much fun. Levi hung right in...a real trooper! Can't wait for your Dad to come home so we can do it again! Gary & Gini....we missed you too! Hope to see you real soon.