Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Update on Levi's noggin' :)

I haven't done a "Thankful" post in a long time and today it seems fitting to start 'em up again.  We have been dealing with Levi's chronic torticollis for almost six months now, going back and forth to physical therapy appointments, helmet appointments, and now adding in chiropractor appointments.  It's been a bit crazy and truthfully a bit tiring.

A month or so ago, Jim and I decided (after much thinking) to remove Levi's helmet for awhile.  After talking with the pediatrician, we thought it was in Levi's best interest to see if his head could be corrected without use of the helmet.  His overall head shape had improved drastically, but his tilt wasn't showing much improvement and we were beginning to think that the helmet was hindering his muscles from strengthening.

Levi's torticollis is quite stubborn.  His whole body is out of alignment and his neck and shoulder muscles are very tense, making it difficult for him to move in different positions other than his comfort zone.  And unfortunately, his comfort zone is when he tilts his head to his left.  Poor guy.  He wants to move in other positions, but struggles because of the discomfort that comes along with it.

Today Levi had back to back appointments .... first with the chiropractor and then the physical therapist.  He was such a trooper, with only a meltdown at the very end!  I'm so thankful that we've found help (that is covered by our insurance) to correct this torticollis once and for all.  It takes time, a lot of work (stretching, repositioning him, and not always letting him do the easy way of doing something), but I'm thankful to know that what we are doing is helping.  It's a slow, gradual process but we are making gains.

The encouragement I received from both doctors today made me feel like we are doing the right thing for our little man.  We don't always have or know the answers, but we are all working towards the same goal... and for that, I'm extremely thankful.    

Our handsome little man ... with head tilt and all :)
It will get better!


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Aw hang in there. Those Dr. apts and driving around all the time gets exhausting. You guys are doing the right thing. All of this will seem like such a long time ago. You are a great mom!