Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's a beautiful place ...

Ever since kiddo number two arrived, I've realized how important it is to have quality time for just me and the hubs.  During the baseball season it wasn't exactly easy to find the time for just us.  The mornings were full of activities for the kids and then by the time Jim came home from a night game I was usually sound asleep.  I was needing all the sleep I could get, knowing that Levi may wake at any hour of the night ... hungry, wet, or just wanting to play.  That's just how it went.  Now that we're home, the offseason is here, and Levi is much more manageable, it's a bit easier to get "couple time."

We kicked off our couple time with a vacation to Costa Rica.  The hubs and I haven't been on a vacay together since our honeymoon.  Seriously.  It was five years ago.  Definitely long overdue, but a perfect way to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary!

Costa Rica was breathtakingly beautiful.  The views, the water, the sunsets, the people.  We were so lucky to have found a resort with wonderful amenities, easy access to the local town and restaurants, a private beach, and people offering help and advice all around us. It didn't take me long to figure out a few things about Costa Rica ... stray dogs are everywhere, stop signs don't always mean stop (there was one that was always missed!), it's normal for sideview mirrors to hit while zooming down/up the mountainside (happened on one of our trips into town), and when in doubt just smile and say "Pura Vida!"

Our resort was in the middle of a national park at the very top of a mountain, which offered the most amazing views of both the jungle and the ocean.  We were also able to spot monkeys, sloths, and tons of different birds right on the property.  It was awesome!

Costa Rica is known for its many activities that involve nature and the outdoors.  We did some hiking,  went jet skiing in the Pacific, and zip lining through the jungle/rainforest.  Zip lining is something I never thought I'd get the chance to do.  I'm a bit nervous when it comes to heights and the thought of losing control on the zip line made me uneasy.  But - we were in Costa Rica after all... and I was feeling adventurous! Maybe. 

So here is my first ever zip line ..... notice what I say at the end. And no ... I didn't.

And here is zip line number four or five ... getting more used to it!

Even though I was super nervous and shaky at first, I'm so glad I decided to go out of my safety zone and try something adventurous.  It was such a cool experience and it surely was the best way to see the jungle!

We took so many photos that I included some of them in this slideshow ... take a look  :)


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