Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week in Photos

I've been trying to get Abby back in the habit of napping, but haven't had much success.  As you can see, she decided she would play Mr. Potato Head during our family "quiet time."  Levi enjoyed the hammock for the first time at Gramma and Grandad's house.  
Levi loves his playmat now.  He wasn't so sure of it before, but now he kicks at the toys and tries to grab for them.  Abby and I love spending time making crafts together and Aunt Heather put together a lot of activities for us to do.  They've been lifesavers during these super hot days!  We've also been doing some "preschool" time, working on learning our letters and a few sight words.  Abby loves it and it's the perfect time ... this girl can remember everything!
Levi watches every move his sister makes and the picture above shows just how much he loves her.  He was laughing and smiling at her.  We really enjoy our playtime together! :)

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Sue said...

I love all the pictures. Miss you all so much! Can't wait til you're back in Sarasota where you're much more reachable!