Friday, July 13, 2012

Warning: Cuteness Overload!

I'm wondering if I can make a New Years resolution in July? What do y'all think? I'm gonna go with yes, only because I know many of you will like my resolution. I'm going to start blogging more often, like I used to. It's not always easy and after a long day with the kiddies, blogging isn't really on my to do list. But.... I know y'all look forward to seeing pics of my beauties (why wouldn't you?!) and hearing the stories of our crazy life.

I also found this iPhone app that allows me to post a new entry right from my phone. Technology is great. I'm just hoping that when I push that "publish" button that it actually works! :)

So for tonight, I'm posting some cell phone pics... But be warned, there is a major cuteness overload!!
I'm afraid we're in trouble ... 

My girl loves Ms. Sue!

Levi enjoying his new book.

Snuggle time.

I love it when they play together. :)

All smiles after tubby time!

Happy baby :)

Go Daddy, GO!


~Rachel said...

And I haven't entered a blog post from my computer in months! That App is amazing and really the only way I have time! :)

Sue said...

Love, love, love & more love from here!!