Monday, April 30, 2012

Newborn Photos

It's hard to believe that our sweet little newborn is turning a month old tomorrow.  I guess it's about time I post some of Levi's newborn photos before he celebrates his one month birthday.  :)

The hubs and I were really impressed with the quality of the newborn photos from the hospital.  With Abby, the photos were the standard up close, not so cute, baby mugshots.  But this time around, the photographer was skilled with taking photos of newborn babies.  The convenience of having the photos done right in our hospital room was definitely a bonus!!

We still would like to have more photos taken of both kids and plan to do that in the next few months! :)




2 comments: said...

Aw how sweet!

Carol said...

He's so tiny! Love the one of him with the little football tucked under his arm! Congratulations! I hope to hold him again soon!