Monday, April 23, 2012

Life With 2 :)

So it appears that the old to-do list isn't getting any shorter and it actually keeps getting longer.  Needless to say, blogging is lost somewhere on that list and I'm just not finding the time to keep up with it as much. I'm not giving up on it though.  Things will start to fall into place and I'll have some more time on my hands... eventually.

Life with two has been interesting and quite a challenge at times.  With the hubs being in Baltimore, it's been a big adjustment for all of us.  I'm trying to juggle finding time to spend with Abby and meeting the needs of a new baby (on not much sleep).  Abby is fighting for attention, which sometimes leads to acting out or not listening.  She's definitely Mommy's little helper (like we all thought she'd be) but sometimes it's a little overwhelming.

Thankfully I've had help from my parents and they've decided to stay until I head to Baltimore on May 4th.  I think know I would have lost my mind already if they hadn't chosen to stay here.  It's nice having them around to distract Abby, keep her entertained, or to just hold a crying baby.  Having company here during the ups and downs of this new journey has been a huge blessing.

I'll blog about Levi's birth story soon, but for now here are some pictures from our first few weeks at home.

First bath ...

... and first mohawk.  I couldn't resist.

Looks just like Abby did ...

2 weeks old :)

Abby loved finding her eggs Easter morning...

... and loved the goodies the Easter Bunny left her!

Sweet sister/brother time :)

Here I sit typing the rest of this blog post with one hand, while cuddling sweet Levi.  It was work to get this done today, but two diaper changes later, one wardrobe change (ahhh, boys....), and a lot of pacing and shhhh'ing, here we are.  Hopefully I'll check in again soon! 


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He is so precious! Things will get better and you will find your new normal. Hang in there girl :) Thinking about you and your new family of 4!